Christmas is only six months away and I am not joking. Here are some ways to prepare for Christmas in Grand Junction.

Whenever I ininitally say any mention of Christmas on Facebook, I thought it was a joke. And then I realized that it wasn't. No joke, Christmas is only six months away. These are a few things you can do to prepare yourself. Because you and I both know Christmas comes way sooner than you think.



  • 1

    Start Stocking Up, Bottoms Up

    I suppose there are things you could begin stocking up now like extra shampoo or food, but I mean wine. My family loves to drink and I like to drink to deal with them, I mean I like to drink with them. Start stocking up on wine from the many wineries around Grand Junction because you and your family are both going to need it.

  • 2

    Make Plans

    Six months seems like plenty of time to plan things out, but that not always true. The months go by fast and so do the reservations. Whether you're flying for Christmas (like me) or planning a trip, it's time to get those tickets and make those reservations.

  • 3

    Brace Your Body

    When it comes to the holidays, I like to eat, wait no, I love to eat. Which is why I'm working hard to stay in shape right now so whenever I do eat, I won't feel guilty about it. I'm bracing my body for the Christmas cookies and delicious turkey.

  • 4

    Soak Up That Sun

    Around Christmas time it's colder and gets dark a whole lot faster. I always miss it when it's gone, which is all the more reason to go outside more and soak up the sun. There's only a million different activities to choose from here in Grand Junction. I like fishing, hiking and swimming.

  • 5

    Cook It Up

    Being six months away from Christmas gives you plenty of time to master your recipes. Now is the time to try something new because you've got six months to perfect it before Christmas. I'd like to give making a pie a shot, because why not?

  • 6

    Save Money

    I always spend a lot of money during the holidays and it always feels like I'm not prepared for it. That's why I getting ready for Christmas (six months ahead of time) by saving money. I don't know if I'll spend it on other people or myself, but at least I'll have it saved.

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