This guy's gotta cut down on the soda.

Taras Maksimuk made a YouTube video after filling up an above ground pool with Coca Cola. That's 1,500 gallons of carbonated sugary goodness. And for good measure, some Mentos are tossed in, too.

A brave soul named Ryan then dives into the pool. He says it feels good, but he can feel the fizz. He even dunks his head under the water, bringing together two of the most refreshing aspects of summer -- a cold soda and a cold dip.

Then, a drone is flown into the pool and quickly dies a quick death because -- who knew? -- Coke is not the ideal liquid to get inside a drone in order for it to keep operating.

And while the drone suffered some damage, it may not be worse than the yard where this all took place. “The cola was all dumped out in the grass and then thoroughly washed with water, however, a horrible smell still reeks in the backyard a week after disposal," Maksimuk said.

So, soda in pool -- fun, yes, but trouble for just about everything else it touches.

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