Most of us in Colorado have great manners, including this bear. This very polite Colorado bear knocked on a woman's door near Silverthorne, clearly for food.

Whenever you hear someone knocking on your door, you don't exactly expect to see this. A woman in Acorn Creek had an unexpected guest come knocking -- a bear.

You can see the bear standing up on his hind legs and knocking with one of its massive paws. The bear even looks as if he's peering inside too. This Colorado bear patiently waits for someone to open the door.

I'm not sure if this bear was looking for some company or maybe some food. My guess would be probably the food. It looks sad because the woman didn't invite it inside. The wildlife in Colorado is truly the best, in more ways than one.

Not only is Colorado home to 960 wildlife species, but they're also very courteous and very polite. Bears who knock on doors and deer who use crosswalks, that's we got here in Colorado.

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