Coming to Colorado's night sky, a super-moon lunar eclipse.

The first cool happening in 2019 will be overhead the night of January 20th. The event is a total lunar eclipse. That only happens when the moon passes fully into the shadow of Earth. What makes this event extra special it that it's a supermoon. That's when the moon is closest to the Earth. And that's not all, it's the first full moon of the year, also known as the Wolf Moon. Its name comes from Native Americans who named the different full moons. January's is named after the howling wolves. Other names for the first full moon of the year are "Moon After Yule", "Old Moon", "Ice Moon", or the "Snow Moon".

Whatever you call it the first full moon of the New Year will be special. This Super-Blood-Wolf-Moon will be well worth staying up late on Sunday night January 20th. Starting at 9:36 PM local time you'll notice a piece taken out of the moon. That's when the moon starts to enter into the earth's shadow. At 10:33 PM the moon moves into a partial eclipse, and then at 11:41 PM the full eclipse begins. The moons red-copper color is what gives the "Blood Moon" its name. Sunlight reaches the earth's atmosphere where it's refracted around the earth's atmosphere and reflected on the moon to give it that color. The full eclipse ends at 12:43 AM.

Credit: 9News 

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