Apparently, there is a petition going around wanting to change the name of the Denver Broncos to the Colorado Broncos.

In my opinion, I really hope this does not happen. I believe that changing the name would be a bad idea. You would have to change all of the merchandise to show the name change. Not only would that take time and a lot of money to do, where would it stop?

Changing the name of the Denver Broncos would you also change the names of the rest of the sports teams? Would you change the name of the Denver Nuggets to the Colorado Nuggets?

The four sports teams that bear the Colorado name should be the only teams that have it. That is the Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Rapids, Colorado Mammoth. Keeping the other two sports teams with the Denver name in front of it should stay just that.

Of course, if it came down to it and the name change did come about I would still support my teams one hundred percent no questions asked. Whether it's the Denver Or Colorado name in the front we are the best.

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