Whoa! Anger issues much?

A 1000 pound grinch with large hooves and an extra nasty disposition made its way to a front yard and killed Santa. Ok ok...it was an inflatable Santa but still.

I came across this video on YouTube of a female moose being extremely naughty and going crazy on Santa, of the inflatable variety right on someone's front lawn.

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Could you imagine taking a quick peek out of your window and seeing THIS?

This cranky moose that seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the mountain was all sorts of angry and wanted nothing to do with this inflatable Santa.

I'm guessing the real Santa is watching closely and will be bringing this moose a giant lump of coal for Christmas this year (obviously dropping it down to the moose from a safe distance) because that girl is not someone you want to get too close to.

That's really the case with any wild animal, especially one that can weigh up to 1,500 pounds and run up to 35 mph. YIKES.

Keeping your distance from moose is key to staying safe if you ever see one, as they can become very aggressive especially if they're babies, are nearby or if you are with a dog, which they consider to be a threat.

If you ever come across a moose, keep your distance, observe its behavior, and back away slowly.

If the animal shows aggressive behavior or begins to charge, CPW instructs you to put a large object between you [and the moose] such as a boulder, car or tree."

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