Some people don't believe that superheroes exist, but a touching gift from Paul Rudd to a Colorado boy serves as a reminder that we all have the capacity to be a hero.

A Facebook post from Cassandra Cooper went viral when she showcased her son, Brody Ridder's empty yearbook with a heartbreaking message that he had written.

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Bullying Is A Problem In Colorado and Across the U.S.

Like any student, Brody was looking forward to getting his school yearbook signed by his classmates. Despite his best efforts, Brody's classmates refused to sign the 12-year-old's yearbook.

Brody was only able to acquire two of his classmate's signatures along with messages from two teachers. Brody was heartbroken and chose to write a message for himself.

Hope you make some more friends! - Brody Ridder

Cassandra Cooper/Facebook
Cassandra Cooper/Facebook

Speak to Your Children About the Effects of Bullying

Brody's mother discovered the message that he had written himself and shared it online writing, "my heart is shattered 💔💔 Teach your kids kindness."

Cassandra chose to share the heartbreaking message online as a way to encourage other parents to talk to their children about the effects of bullying. She never expected her posts to garnish the national attention that they have since received.

Paul Rudd Is A Real Life SuperHero and So Is Brody Ridder

Soon enough, Brody's story reached Paul Rudd, who decided to personally reach out to the young boy.

The two chatted over facetime and days later Brody received a special package from the Ant-Man himself.

Just look at this text exchange between the two, my heart seriously can't take it.

Brody received his very own Ant-Man helmet!

Brody has received an outpouring of support from people around the world thanks to his mother's post. Hopefully, this story serves as a reminder that one small act of kindness goes a long way, and that we all have the ability to serve as heroes.

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