The road construction on Orchard Avenue is nearing completion. For many months, driving across town on Orchard Avenue was nearly impossible. Much of the road was closed due to road construction but according to those involved with the project, the plan is to open it back up soon.

The manager of the project, Josh Springer had this to say:

“We are entering into the final phases, all of me majority of the major work is done and as you can see it is open to traffic, we’re just finishing up some of the landscape work, sod, gravel, nothing really major.”

Once the project is completed, the street will have multiple turn lanes and sidewalks on both sides. It has taken quite a long time and a lot of work has been put into the project, but according to Springer, the entire job should be complete by the end of this month.

Since I moved to Grand Junction in the summer of 2019, I've certainly seen my fair share of road construction across town. It seems like there is something constantly going on road work-wise on North Avenue, and streets that intersect 29 Road between Patterson and North seem to always have road construction going on as well.

In fact, the street that I live on, which is located near 29 Road between Patterson and North Avenue had extensive road work done for a while, which sometimes got in the way of me being able to leave the house.

However, in recent memory, I cannot recall a road work project in Grand Junction that has taken longer than the Orchard Avenue project, and I'm excited to be able to see the finished product and drive down the road for the first time once it's done.


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