Phill Headway isn't lacking any talent -- just maybe a few hands. As he is, with just two, he managed to cover every part of the song 'Prince Ali' from Disney’s classic movie 'Aladdin.' And we literally mean every part. The vocals? That's Phill. Instruments? Phill. Sounds effects? Yes, also done by Phill!

The singer can be seen holding a guitar, playing a keyboard, blowing a recorder and standing in front of a mic in the video. He sings every harmony and plays every single instrument.

Judging by his frequently changing wardrobe, we're guessing it was no easy (or quick) feat to record the song! He even creates the sounds of the parade making its way towards the castle at the beginning of the scene. (Here's video for reference, for those of you who haven't memorized every second of 'Aladdin.')

Check out Phill's amazing one-man performance of 'Prince Ali' above!

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