Whenever Grand Junction closes their eyes and pictures themselves driving around in their dream car -- this is what they see. It's the dreamiest of all rides, it's Grand Junction's dream car.

After asking you this on our Facebook:

We've got the car from your dreams. If Grand Junction could have any car in the entire world, this is what they'd be cruising around in.

You've got to love those Subarus. I know I do.

I think you'd see a lot of jaws drop driving around in the Judge.

I really like this mentality. Sharon is already making her dreams come true.

I'm seeing a trend here with the year 1969. Looks like lots of dream cars were made in 69.

I definitely wouldn't mind driving any kind of Audi.

This VW bug has been Jenn's dream since she was a little girl. Sounds pretty far out.

Here are more of Grand Junction's dream cars:

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