If you are looking for a haunted bridge, you might try looking near the town of Bennett in east-central Colorado.

Third Bridge is an overpass in a rural area on County Line Road just a few miles east of Denver.

If you look under the bridge, it doesn't look a lot different than most of the bridges and overpasses in Mesa County that are filled with artwork and graffiti. However, a number of tragic events of the past have resulted in some pretty creepy stories connected to Third Bridge.

The stories date back to the Hungate Massacre, about 30 miles from Third Bridge. The family of Nathan Hungate was murdered, presumably by Native Americans. Residents of Denver wanted revenge and a few short months later, Colonel John Chivington led an attack on a Cheyenne and Arapaho encampment, which would become known as the Sand Creek Massacre. That event took place approximately 130 miles from Third Bridge.

According to folklore, the bridge is haunted by the spirits of Native Americans who were massacred nearby. It's also been said that if you visit the bridge at night you might hear the sound of distant drums and might even catch a glimpse of a ghost rider. Listen at the 4:53 mark of the video and see if you think that sound could be these haunting drums. There is also some alleged spirit communication at the 6:02 mark of the video that sounds pretty creepy.

There have been a number of accidents near Third Bridge including one in 1997 when a car full of teenagers crashed. There was also a fiery crash in 2016 that killed five youth.

Is Third Bridge haunted? Do spirits still linger in the area? You might need to take a road trip to Third Bridge to hear the drums and find out for yourself.

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