We set our time machine to "way back" and stumbled across these old 7UP commercials that were filmed here in Colorado.

First, we get a look at Elitch Gardens which looks nothing like it does today. You know, because when you're excited about spending time at an amusement park, there's nothing like skipping line just to get a 7UP.

The second commercial has the best copy ever, who knew 7UP could revigorate a depleted body?

Yes, and active day out of doors sure takes a lot out of  you, but, 7UP puts it right back in. It's the greatest discovery yet for getting new energy quick. In two to six minutes you'll feel like a new you.

"Greatest discovery yet," because Red Bull hadn't been invented. And "two to six minutes," because they timed it.


The rest of the commercials would be considered "B-Roll" shots, just enough Colorado to make it look like they're in the mountains, but still great in their 60s charm.

Do you remember seeing any of these commercials when you were younger?

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