An NHL hockey player was called out for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and he decided to take it to a whole new level!

Paul Bissonnette is a winger in the NHL for the Arizona Coyotes. He was challenged by his Coyote team mate Keith Yandle.

If you haven't heard of the challenge before, which is almost impossible since almost everyone is doing it now, people dump buckets of ice water on their heads and post the videos online to bring awareness to ALS. I think the only flaw is that all of these celebrities, athletes, etc doing the challenge aren't donating money to help fight the disease (if they are, most of them aren't mentioning it).

I think Bissonnette has officially set a new bard on the ice bucket challenge. Now everyone else's videos are going to look pretty boring compared to this one.

He ended up challenging LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson to take the challenge next. Do you think they'll do it?

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