Prairie dogs. My son loves to see them and watch them run, he especially loves to watch our dog chase them down back into their holes. As for me, that's all pretty entertaining too but for the most part, prairie dogs are more of a pain than they are for entertaining.

Now for me personally, I don't have a problem with them but I can certainly see how others can.

I have some friends that are in the farming business and I know the amount of havoc prairie dogs wreak for them and the danger they pose for using those little sharp teeth of theirs to chew through underground wires. And last but certainly not least, those obnoxious mounds of dirt they create on or near properties for homeowners, a nuisance to say the least.

Well, thanks to a new critter that is set to search, seek out, and destroy prairie dogs, they could be at least a little less of a nuisance sooner than later.

There's a new prairie dog killer coming to town, according to our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife. To the relief of many, a bunch of black-footed ferrets are being released in various prairie dog colonies all around Colorado.

These extremely rare black-footed ferrets - there's only about 600 currently in the world - are also known as "polecats" and their diet pretty much consists of prairie dogs.

Here are some being released:


So what are your thoughts and stance on this subject of prairie dogs? Good riddance or just leave them alone?

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