Whenever you want to have an interesting conversation, just bring up the topic of roundabouts in Grand Junction.

Roundabout Are A Way of Life In Grand Junction

Roundabouts have become a way of life not only in Grand Junction but across the country. When you have a relatively high volume of traffic that you want to keep moving efficiently, build a roundabout. Right?

Of course, roundabouts are not without their problems. Sometimes they can be confusing to motorists trying to figure out how to safely enter the circle - and determine which lane is the correct lane to be in when it's time to get out.

Horizon Drive Roundabouts Have Worked Out Okay

Grand Junction's Horizon Drive roundabouts have been a frequent topic of conversation - especially among those who encounter them on a daily basis. I hear countless stories of people who either fail to yield or stop in the middle of the roundabout because they can't figure out how to navigate the traffic circle. Overall, however, it has been my experience that the Horizon Drive roundabouts have been a good addition - even though some people - especially visitors - may struggle to navigate those circles properly.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Say 'Hello' To Grand Junction's Newest Roundabout

The newest roundabout in Grand Junction is coming to 24 Road. A major construction project is getting underway that will widen 24 Road to five lanes, build bike lanes, sidewalks, landscaping - and a two-lane roundabout at the intersection of 24 Road and G Road. The project is expected to be completed by the spring of 2024.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Is A Roundabout Better Than A Stop Light?

We've seen steady growth on 24 Road and an increase in the volume of traffic from Canyon View Park, Community Hospital, and exiting I-70 travelers. It seems like a roundabout is a good way to keep traffic flowing. However, during the highest traffic times - like at the conclusion of Canyon View events - G Road motorists may encounter some challenges getting into the roundabout. Opinions will be varied on this, but I think in this situation, a roundabout beats a stop light.

Google Street View
Google Street View

The Key To Roundabout Success

The real question is will Grand Junction motorists and first-time visitors adequately understand the mechanics of the roundabout to make it as efficient as it should be? Road markings and signage will be the key to success. The roundabout at Broadway and Redlands Parkway is a prime example. The first time you go through it, there may be some confusion. But, the more familiar you get with it, the easier it is to successfully get through it.

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A Major Improvement For the CIty of Grand Junction

The construction project on 24 Road is going to be pretty inconvenient for the next year or so, though they expect to always have one lane of traffic open in both directions. Traffic flow will be at a much slower pace and everyone will need to be patient. Those that have other route options may want to utilize those during this time. When it's all said and done, this will be a major improvement for the city of Grand Junction.

These Photos Show Grand Junction's Drastic Change in a Few Short Years

Grand Junction is growing, there's no doubt about that. These photos from 2008 to now show just how much our small town has changed. In some cases, we have seen dramatic changes with brand new construction, and in some cases, we have seen changes in how we get around Grand Junction. Whether you have been in Grand Junction for a long time or you are a relative newcomer, you can enjoy this look back at how things have changed in Grand Junction over the past 13 years.

Then and Now: More Dramatic Changes In Grand Junction

Grand Junction has changed dramatically and significantly over the years, and thanks to Google, we can look and see how Grand Junction looked in 2008 compared to how it looks today. Stroll through the images and see how well your memory is at recalling the way things used to be.


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