The ladies of Litchfield are back, and prison life is looking as complicated as ever.

On Sunday January 17 Netflix premiered the official teaser trailer for the fourth season of their hit comedy series Orange Is the New Black. At only 46 seconds long, there's not too much to digest, but the trailer does leave a lot of lingering questions about the state of the penitentiary and its many diverse inmates. Watch below:

Lets dig in, shall we?

First of all, is Nicky back? Last we saw, Natasha Lyonne's wild-haired fan-favorite got sent to Maximum Security, and prospects did not look good for her return. Secondly, what's going on between on-and-off lovers and (sometimes) enemies Piper and Alex? In fact, what's going with on Alex altogether? At the end of season 3, we found her cornered and threatened by one of drug lord Kubra's lackeys. Did she make it out unscathed?

Plus, what's going on in Red's kitchen? Are the inmates still subject to eating boil-in-bag slop and, if so, how is Red handling such an affront to her culinary expertise? And why is there a swat team descending upon Litchfield? Why is Taystee sitting in a suit at a desk? Has she been released and gotten a job?

Oh, and where is Daya's MIA correctional officer baby-daddy, Bennett? If that boy knows what's good for him, he better get back to Litchfield and clean up his mess this season.

Luckily, we wont have to wait too long to find out what everyone's been up to. Litchfield opens its heavily-guarded doors once more on June 17.

See what child stars look like nowadays:

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