After going to the Trail of Terror Cinema of Horror Haunted House on 7th Street in Grand Junction, they don't call it the trail of terror for nothing. This is my terror on the Trail of Terror.

I'm a huge scaredy cat, I jump if I think I see something. I avoid haunted houses and pretty much anything scary if I can, but it doesn't always happen. My coworker somehow talked me into going to the Trail of Terror Haunted House right off of 7th Street but left out a few key details. The creatures inside the haunted house are allowed to touch you and your hands are tied the entire time you're inside.

I've only been to a haunted house a couple of times in my life and they were never anything like this one. First things first, my hands were tied together, to avoid any sudden "reactions" you might have to people grabbing you. Then I was tied around the waist and lead into the Cinema of Horror, which is their theme this year.

One of the first scenes in the Cinema of Horror included a child holding your hand "guiding" you the next terrifying scene. During a scene from The Conjuring, which is one of the most terrifying movies ever, I screamed at the top of my lungs and literally cried tears of fear. This was only the beginning. I dragged my poor boyfriend along with me and even though he was behind me, I somehow managed to kick him in the shin out of fear.

A lot of the time I was walking around in pitch black and at one point I thought a creature's hand was my boyfriend's -- I screamed when I realize it wasn't. I couldn't believe when I was forced to get down on my hands and knees and crawl through a small tunnel, having no idea what was on the other side, I asked my guide "are you serious?" I did crawl through the tunnel, but it was with much haste. After the Trail of Terror, I felt hoarse from the screaming, I feel bad for my guide's ears.

Even the day after I still feel a bit paranoid, like something is going to grab me, or touch my hair, or pop out at me at any time. Isn't being scared great? I'd say the Trail of Terror Cinema of Horror Haunted House is the essence of terror.

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