I usually don't show much expression when celebrities pass away, mainly because I do not know them and I am not close to them as a family member would be. I cannot put my finger on why but Robin Williams' passing is different.

Instead of being sad about his death, I wanted to share some of my favorite moments of Robin Williams' career to celebrate his life and let these clips bring a smile to your face as they have to mine for many years. I'm sure you've seen most or all of these but they are at the top of my list.

These are some of my favorite scenes from some of my favorite movies Williams did (plus, a cameo on Friends). I grew up watching these way too many times to admit and I never get tired of them. Be careful, some of these words are NSFW!


Good Will Hunting:


Patch Adams:




Dead Poets Society:




I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite moments of Robin Williams' career! He was a genius and his footprint will stay visible in comedy through the generations. What was your favorite movie/moment/ scene of his?