Hemp is poised to become big business in Colorado!

Colorado’s new cash crop is hemp. Once the President signs the new Farm Bill which removes hemp from the controlled substances list, it's all systems go for this super-versatile plant.

My first encounters with hemp occurred when I was a teenager. I'd go visit my grandparents that lived on a farm in central Missouri. Along the country roads, the edge of corn fields, and in ditches grew "wild weed." It's was the remnants of what was once was a huge mid-Missouri industry. Back in the mid-1800's hemp was "the" cash crop in that part of the country. Its primary production was for making rope and twine. Today, hemp can be made into just about anything. Paper, clothing, insulation, biofuel, and it's CBD is used as a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Colorado hemp farmer and part of the Hemp Consulting Group, John Lee says There’s nothing on this planet that’s been able to utilize so many different industries as this plant here,” says Lee. The whole fiber side will change how we print paper, how we build houses.”

The new Farm Bill allows farmers to purchase crop insurance, which previously was prohibited. It also allows access to banking, and access to a much larger base to sell the product. Most importantly, Colorado farmers will no longer need to worry about the feds shutting them down. Get ready, here comes hemp! It will be a game-changer for farmers in Colorado and right here in the Grand Valley.

Credit: Fox31 

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