It is getting closer to one of the best days of the year,  Halloween.

So in honor of Halloween, we are going to look at the most haunted places in Colorado. If you are one of those people who likes a little bit of a haunting you are going to love this.

Of course, you have to start off with the most known haunted place in Colorado. The Stanley Hotel. This is one place I have never been to but would really love to go to. Mainly because its haunted and I want to get scared. There are only a few places that are reportedly haunted. But that is enough for me to want to go and check it out. Makes you wonder what is in room 217.

Many cemetery's are said to be haunted. But the Central City Masonic Cemetery is a little different. Every year the day after Halloween on November 1 a woman visits the cemetery. Leaves flowers on the grave of John Cameron and then leaves. What makes it spooky is when she leaves you can follow her but never find her. It is also said that when you do visit the cemetery a little boy will follow you around. Don't try and talk to him because he will disappear. Are you ready for a scare?

Anything that is built before 1900 I would imagine is haunted. This is the case with Hotel Jerome. This hotel has always been a mainstay in Aspen. The death of a young boy by drowning on the property was what started the haunting at the hotel. They say that you can see a boy playing around the hotel. Mainly near the hotel pool. Are you up for a little haunted swimming?

The Colorado Prison Museum is in what used to be a women's penitentiary. It is also attached to a still-active prison. This place housed some of the worst people known. Alfred Packer was convicted of cannibalism and it is said that he might have eaten a couple inmates. There was also a 12-year-old Antone Wood who was convicted of murder. With riots also taking place behind these walls there is so spirits still stuck in the prison. That would be a horrible way to live out infinity. Are you going to test your wits behind these walls?

The Hotel Colorado has housed presidents and gangsters alike. But did you also know that it housed soldiers from WWII? It was also a morgue while the large ovens are still in place to this day. One of the nurses back in WWII was in a love triangle and was murdered while there. Her presence is so bad in the room she was murdered they had to turn it into a storage room. Every floor has a spirit wanting to be let go. It looks like I am going to have to spend some money and spend a few days in this amazing haunted hotel. Anyone ready for an overnight scare?

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