I dread the thought of going to certain places not because of the crowds or location, but because of their parking lots. Grand Junction these are your most hated parking lots.

It looks like I'm not the only one that has a burning rage for particular parking lots here in Grand Junction. It's easy to see how slamming brakes, nearly getting into an accident and a lot of waiting around could make anyone filled with rage.

I got a lot of responses on our Facebook when I asked 'which parking lots fill you with the most rage?' -- apparently, a lot of them do. According to you, these are Grand Junction's most hated parking lots.

#2 Most Hated Parking Lot

It's a tie for Grand Junction's second most hated parking lots. Colorado Mesa University and Walmart are tied for second place. I tried to find exactly which Walmart parking lot annoyed people the most and got the response below. For me, it's the Walmart on Rimrock. Seems like every time I go there I'm forced to slam on my brakes.

#1 Most Hated Parking Lot

The most hated parking lot in Grand Junction is (drum roll please) City Market's parking lot. I had people comment on the City Market in Clifton, Fruita, Orchard Mesa and Montrose. Seems to be like Walmart in that it's not just one annoyance in one place, it's everywhere.

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