A moose that made her way into the Fort Collins area has been relocated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Last week, we told you of a rare moose sighting in the North Shields Pond Natural Area. A Fort Collins resident was with her daughter when a moose crossed the path in front of them. 9 News is reporting that the first sighting of the young cow moose was near North Taft Hill Road and West Vine Drive, about a mile away from Colorado State University’s Foothills Campus.


Ran into this handsome fellow while at the North Shields Ponds area this afternoon. I had no idea moose hang out in town. My daughter (and dog) and I felt so fortunate to see him. from r/FortCollins


It seems the moose are out everywhere, from Red Feather Lakes to Rocky Mountain National Park, and most of them have babies. Colorado Parks and Wildlife remind residents that moose can be very aggressive, especially when protecting their young. Find out how to live safely with moose HERE.      





Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter

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