I don’t understand how people could hurt others so badly. This story from the WesternSlopeNow.com is absolutely shocking!

Anyone that would have to question whether or not their loved one’s ashes are really theirs, and if they are even human remains is repulsive. That’s exactly what Tom Thomas from Olathe is doing, bless his heart.

Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors in Montrose were shutdown for doubling as a body broker. Families have been made to believe that their family members were handled with care and respect when were given back the remains of their loved ones. However, some ended up with concrete dust, rather than human ashes.

Tom Thomas is so sad, and misses his wife Hazel terribly. They were married for 50 years. He is deeply concerned that his wife’s ashes may not be hers after hearing the horrific news about the funeral home he took his wife to. While he was at it, he paid $500 for his own cremation and never received a dime back.

Colorado Mesa University has stepped up to help families like Tom Thomas by testing the remains of Hazel’s ashes. Tom Thomas delivered Hazel’s ashes to CMU last week. He’s hopeful that everything will be well, as they were under different ownership at the time Hazel past away in 2010.

My heart is heavy for Tom Thomas. I can only pray he wasn’t part of the deranged plan that this despicable funeral home has seemed to accomplish with other families.

It’s sickening!



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