Mix 104.3's Local Love is all about Joe Valdez, who's a barber and family man here in Grand Junction. Here's how Joe got started cutting hair and how his family is the reason for it all.

Joe Valdez aka King Kutz has been here in Grand Junction for as long as he can remember. Joe started cutting hair in high school, by trying it out on himself for months. He practiced on himself, his friends, his cousins and kids in his neighborhood. Eventually, it went from people asking him what's wrong with his hair to asking him to give them a haircut.

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Joe Valdez the barber is currently working at Faded Lifestyle Barbershop in Grand Junction. We asked him what his favorite haircut is and he said any fade, especially skin fades.

He says the reason for him sticking around in Grand Junction is his family. He says most of his family here his mom and dad, and his siblings. Joe Valdez has two kids, who are keeping him busy. He's got a 10-month-old son and an 8-year-old son, and he says is the best big brother ever. The dog that's pictured above is part of his family too, and Joe also cuts his hair.

Joe is waiting for his 10-month-old to turn a year old to cut his hair and his 8-year-old doesn't mind getting his haircut, but definitely doesn't like sitting down and waiting for his dad to finish cutting his hair.

The star of Mix 104.3's Local Love this week, Joe Valdez, says that:

There's nothing that carries me beside the passion for my work and the passion of taking care of my family.

That's what keeps Joe Valdez the barber and family man going.

Joe Valdez the Grand Junction Barber + Family Man

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