Our Mix 104.3 Pet of the Week is Habanero the kitten. Habanero is a spicy little grey kitten who is up for adoption right now at Roice-Hurst in Grand Junction.

We always look forward to Tuesdays because that's when we do feature an adoptable pet from a local shelter aka the Mix 104.3 Pet of the Week. This week it's all about Habanero, a spicy little grey kitten.

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Habanero is a domestic shorthair cat who is about four months old. Habanero is tiny and we thought she was much younger than that. She was given her name because of her spicy personality. Habanero is a sassy, playful girl who just needs some time to warm up to you.

The Mix 104.3 Pet of the Week has some hilarious facial expressions, which you can see below. It was obvious that she needed some time to get to know me before we became best friends forever -- we get it, we're aware of stranger danger. Habenero is a very cute and funny little kitten and she could entertain you just by looking at you.

Habanero, the Mix 104.3 Pet of the Week, is up for adoption right now at Roice-Hurst Humane Society. Roice-Hurst currently has lots and lots of cats and kittens at their shelter and have even more kittens in foster care.

You can find out more about Habanero and the other adoptable pets at this Grand Junction shelter here.