Miley Cyrus is probably the most talked-about person of 2013 -- and usually not in the best way. And now, Cyrus is relaying her headlines into a frontrunner position in Time Magazine's Person of the Year poll for 2013. We bet the people who actually read Time -- you know, her fans' parents -- are just thrilled.

Cyrus boasts 24.4 percent of the votes so far. Her nearest competition, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is trailing behind her with 17.5 percent of the votes.

The 'Bangerz' singer is miles ahead of the likes of NSA leaker Edward Snowden (2.4 percent), Pope Francis (1.2 percent), Jimmy Fallon (1.2 percent), Vladimir Putin (1.1 percent) ,Angelina Jolie (0.9 percent), President Barack Obama (0.6 percent), Prince George (0.6 percent) and Lebron James (0.5 percent).

How did she pull it off? Well, aside from twerking on Robin Thicke and making a stir everywhere she goes by exposing most of her bod and her ubiquitous, oft-coated tongue, she had some help. Not only are her Smilers voting, but so are hacker groups who are determined to have her take the title.

Still, it may not make a difference. The ultimate decision for Time's person of the year is the Time Magazine editorial board. But considering Cyrus' influence is strong enough for simple poll results to shock us, they may use her anyway!

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