With all of the news lately about small businesses struggling to make a profit especially through the COVID-19 pandemic it truly is wonderful to hear of some restaurants and businesses doing well. And most of us in Western Colorado have heard of Big Mike's Pork N Wings Food Truck, they make large portions of delicious food from their food truck. Well, Big Mike has decided that it's time to open a brick and mortar shop for their chicken and have found the perfect place to do so in Fruita.

The details were published on social media over the weekend as their new Facebook page for Mike's Famous Chicken posted a picture in Fruita of the old Copper Club Brewing Company with a new sign that says Coming Soon: Mike's Famous Chicken. The location is 233 Aspen Avenue in Fruita.

But good news if you love Copper Club Brewing Company as they AREN'T closing down, just moving one block to Mulberry Street. They are hoping to have their doors open again in March of 2021.

As someone who lives in Western Colorado loves to eat and didn't have one specific location for chicken I am really excited to check out Mike's Famous Chicken when the doors open. No word on exactly when that is going to happen quite yet.

If you're craving some chicken from Big Mike's you can still get their Chicken Chips from the food truck open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday located at the Tractor Supply store in Grand Junction.

If you're not sold on the new spot for chicken in Western Colorado yet, check out their slogan: "Fried Chicken... So good, it should be ILLEGAL". That is making quite the statement, and I have to find out for myself just how good it is.

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