Color-coordinated duo Miguel and Wiz Khalifa delivered a hot performance at the 2013 Grammy Awards, where they joined up to sing 'Adorn,' which had earlier captured the Grammy for Best R&B Song.

These guys clearly called each other before the show, because they both wore black-and-white striped suits. The song opened with Miguel playing keyboards in the middle of the audience as he began 'Adorn,' a throwback soul tune reminiscent of another past Grammy winner, Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Healing.'

The performance was a showcase for Miguel's effortless vocals, especially when he made his way to the stage and offered a few falsetto yelps. For the first half of the song, Khalifa did little more than awkwardly yell "Yeah!" to punctuate Miguel's words, but then he added a new verse about sipping red wine, rolling one up, and spoiling his girl.

Miguel had a huge year in 2012, a fact that was largely overshadowed by the big year his fellow R&B star Frank Ocean had. Miguel is a nominee for five Grammy Awards, including Song of the Year. His win for R&B Song of the Year was the first Grammy of the singer's career.

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