The Mesa County Sheriff's office is trying to find two people they believe were involved in shoplifting from a local City Market. Security footage shows a female wearing a big coat and sunglasses, as well as a male in a ballcap wearing glasses.

The incident took place at the City Market on 32 Road on March 24th at around 2:30 pm. There's no word yet on what the couple stole or how much it was worth, but police are asking for your help in identifying the suspects.

Ok, I get it, times are tough right now, but if there was any time to stick together as a community this is it. I've been to the grocery store maybe twice since the 'Stay-at-Home' order went into effect and both times I found myself identifying with the grocery store workers with the deepest sympathy and admiration. The essential workers in our community are not only working extra hard but also exposing themselves to countless strangers who may or may not be sick already.

It really bothers me to hear about stories like this, more than anything because the last thing grocery store workers need to worry about is chasing down shoplifters; their day to day job is tough enough.

If you recognize the suspects you can send an anonymous tip to Mesa County Crimestoppers at (970) 241-STOP.

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