Starting in the fall, all District 51 schools will offer full-day kindergarten here in Mesa County. This is all because of House Bill 19-1262, according to D51's Facebook, which is about the state providing funding for full-day kindergarten.

Diana Sirko, who I had the chance to meet at D51's Special Olympics Track and Field Meet, said this about making the change on D51's Facebook:

Offering full-day kindergarten to all kindergarteners will give Colorado students a head start in their education.

Diano Sirko goes on to say the extra time is important for both the teacher and students to build a strong foundation for their future. She also stated that D51 will be working hard over the summer to make sure elementary schools are ready for the change.

Kindergarten class times were from 8:50 to 11:50 and 12:50 to 3:50 before District 51 made this change. Full-day kindergarten was previously being offered only at certain schools.

Depending on the school, sometimes there was a cost for full-day kindergarten -- but not anymore. (Half-day kindergarten will still be an option.) I think this change will be beneficial for everyone, students, parents, and teachers included.

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