After seeing stagnant or declining employment in Mesa County over the past several months, things are starting to look up.

Overall, unemployment in Colorado increased from 3.1% to 3.4% from April to May according to the Office of Government, Policy and Public Relations. Nationally, unemployment decreased from 5.0% to 4.7% over the same period.

While statewide unemployment was up, Mesa County saw a slight decrease in unemployment from 5.9% to 5.7% April to May. It is a small step, but a step in the right direction.

Other western Colorado counties showed a mixture of unemployment figures with some trending upward and others down. Figures shown are May compared to April unemployment rates.

  • Delta County 5.2% - 5.6%
  • Garfield County 4.1% - 3.9%
  • Gunnison County 3.0% - 2.8%
  • Mesa County 5.7% - 5.9%
  • Montrose County 4.5% - 4.7%
  • Ouray County 4.4% - 5.0%
  • Pitkin County 6.8% - 3.3%

While the Colorado unemployment rate is higher in May than in April, for the year, unemployment in the state has dropped from a high of 3.9% to it's current 3.4%.