The owners of Scrap Tree in Laramie, Wyoming are done with people telling them what to do.Joe and Manni, the owners, state that they've had people in their store an get offended when they're told "Merry Christmas" by employees.

Two people even demanded that they say "Happy Holidays" instead, according to Scrap Tree's Facebook.

They've now put up signs that basically states "Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays." The original post is below, but a portion of their Facebook states:

YOU have no right to disrespect my Tradition, my religion, my beliefs.
YOU have no right to label "Merry Christmas" as being offensive . Because it isn't, EVER.
YOU don't have the right to try to take our FREEDOM away by demanding that we not wish you a Merry Christmas.
EVERYBODY, no matter where they came from, who they are or what they are, should have the freedom to observe their own religion, their own traditions and speak freely...

I'm in agreeance that everyone does have a right to observe their own religion and traditions. I don't think that saying 'Merry Christmas' is offensive, I do say 'Happy Holidays' as well.

This is because I know there are other holidays out there other than Christmas. Christmas is also very close to New Year's Eve, so when I say it, I'm trying to encompass other holidays as well as New Years too.

I've actually had someone get offended when I said 'Happy Holidays'  They tried to correct me and say 'no, it's Merry Christmas.'

Hey, it's whatever you want it to be. You celebrate however you want and say whatever you want, but don't tell me what you think should say. I'm not wrong in saying Happy Holidays, just like the owner isn't wrong in saying Merry Christmas. Let's be respectful and understanding of each other, instead of self-centered and demanding.

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