Expectant moms complain they got little sympathy from their partners while they're pregnant, but that could change after their partners see this.

A hospital in Eastern China decided to put 100 very brave men decided to go through the actual pain of childbirth through a series of childbirth simulations.

All 100 men were hooked up to devices -- I am assuming like hooking up Frankenstein -- above the abdomen, giving electric shocks which replicate the actual childbirth feelings.

These poor guys were in agony for up to five minutes as a nurse gradually raised the intensity on a scale of one to ten.

Some of the men in the survey said they felt like the inside of their body was being ripped apart.

I would like to applaud the men who try this, as it does show a lot of love for their significant others, and that is a great thing. However, let me set the record straight. I will not be signing up. Just so you know.