The fire on 15th and Elm was completely devastating. This 107-year-old house was completely engulfed in flames.


I actually remember going here back in 2004 when I attended what was then known as Mesa State College. Now as a student again I have passed this every day going to class.

Yes, I attended one or two parties in that house back when I was 18 and without kids of my own. But that isn't all this house was.

This house was my wife's cousins house. This was the house her baby boys felt comfortable in. Where her friends and family could come visit her whenever they wanted. Before she passed away my wife's cousin would be in that house raising her awesome boys.

I am deeply sorry for the family that was involved in this fire, and I am glad that nobody got hurt. This house was full of history and memories that it is going to be weird not seeing it there on the corner of 15th and Elm.

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