You've probably seen a stamped lucky penny around the Grand Valley, I know I have, and it's thanks to the Lucky Penny Guy. Meet Grand Junction's Lucky Penny Guy and learn how he got started and why he stamps 10,000 pennies a year.

Mix 104.3's Local Love is all about the Lucky Penny Guy, aka Chris P. The Lucky Penny Guy was born in Grand Junction moved when he was 8-years-old. He spent 35 years in Denver and then came back to Grand Junction.

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His transformation into the Lucky Penny Guy all started six years ago whenever he developed a rare condition called complex regional pain syndrome. As he was walking out of the doctor's office, who just told him he had to retire, he saw a penny that he couldn't pick up. He asked his wife to pick it up and she did, put it in his hand and said:

 Maybe this is the lucky penny that will find the cure for the world's most painful disease.

As of today, he's stamped 59,633 pennies. The Lucky Penny Guy even brought us some lucky pennies -- not just some, over 60 of them. He says his goal is to stamp and hand out 10,000 pennies a year.

The Lucky Penny says the whole reason behind him stamping the pennies is to raise awareness and money to build the complex regional pain syndrome research foundation. He wants to help people who have the same disease. He says the level of pain from this disease is worse than getting your leg amputated or having a baby with anesthesia or medication.

His experience with chronic pain for the past 33 years has made him appreciate life in a different way. Material things no longer matter to the Lucky Penny Guy, he's more about the people and experiences in his life. The Lucky Penny Guy even brought us a present that includes a custom Mix 104.3 penny, which you can see below.

The Lucky Penny Guy's advice to you: when you see a penny, pick it up, because it makes cents

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