Matt Damon accepted the ice bucket challenge and decided to use toilet water for a few different reasons!

I know most of us are getting a little tired of seeing non-stop ice bucket challenges, especially since they're all just about the same. This one's a little bit different and I love his idea, so I thought... what's one more?

Being a fan of his, I've followed a lot of the work his done in the world including his founding of Water.Org. I think it's pretty cool that he was able to blend in another charity to help while raising awareness for ALS. It kind of opened my mind to think that our toilet water is cleaner than some other countries' drinking water. I feel pretty blessed right now.

As I mentioned, the ALS ice bucket challenge has gotten pretty crazy and it might annoying to see it all over your Facebook feed but the amount of money the ALS association has received during this time is unreal. Over $40 million more this year than the exact same time frame last year.

Now that Damon did his, I'm pretty interested to see if George Clooney will accept the challenge. I don't see much of him on social media.

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