Robin Thicke and the family of the late, great Marvin Gaye are in a battle over Robin Thicke's hit "Blurred Lines". Thicke is now standing before a court in California, defending himself and his song. Find out why I think this is a bunch of bologna.

The family of Marvin Gaye says that there are parts, or "elements," that were stolen from Gaye's 1977 Hit “Got to Give It Up.”

Listen to "Got to Give It Up" by Marvin Gaye

I think this case is really going to set the standard on how judges handle these type of cases, and not only that, it will set the tone for how music from now on is created, and how allow artists to go about creating it.

The problem I have with this whole scenario is the fact that the word "elements" is being thrown around. An element of a song could be anything as simple as one note. Yet for years, we have been listening to songs that include riffs from other songs, or words that have been modified and still have the feel of a song from the past, and more than anything "sampling" of the actual hits.

This completely infuriates me on several different levels.

I have not heard a real "original" song in quite a long time. It seems that every single song I hear has an "element" of something from the past, yet it becomes a hit.

If you really think about it, if every single person or family tried to prosecute every single "element" that they hear in a song from another song, courts would be so jammed up for years upon years.

There are many artists that find others "sampling" or using a piece of their music in a song as flattering. It seems to be the families that cause all the issues.

Seriously, what would Marvin Gaye say if he was alive to hear all this?

Am I defending the song? YES. Do I really feel this is the song that should have been chosen to pick apart? NO.

Where do we really draw the line between what is right or wrong? It is very much a case of "Blurred Lines."