Manette went from the corporate world to running a mini horse therapy program, which she says is much more interesting and rewarding.

Local Love is all about Manette Steele and her mini horses. Manette Steele is originally from the Midwest and moved to Denver in 1975. She started her nonprofit, Might Mini Horse Therapy Program in 2017, which is located right in between Ouray and Ridgway.

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The mission of her nonprofit is 'to nurture and inspire people, one pat at a time, promoting health and wellness.' When we met two of Manette's six mini horses outside of a nursing home in Grand Junction, they were all dressed up and looked adorable. Both Glory Hallelujah and Ima Little Gold Mine had red, white, and blue blows, tutus, and hats on in honor of Memorial Day.

Here's how Manette Steele got into mini horse therapy and why she loves it so much.

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