After learning about her engagement last month, Mandy Moore has revealed new details about her relationship with Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith.

While some couples meet through friends, it looks like Mandy and Taylor were connected through social media. But we're not talking about dating apps: Instead, Mandy revealed that Instagram was the reason she and Taylor were able to actually get together.

"I took a picture of their album and posted it on Instagram," the This Is US star told People. "Somehow, Taylor saw it and sent a note to me. We started emailing back and forth, then we went on a date and the rest is history. Thanks Instagram, for helping me meet my fiancé!"

And since Taylor's usually on the road with the band and Mandy is on the This Is Us set in Los Angeles, they made things work through more technology. "We spent hours FaceTiming each other," she said. "We fell in love before we'd even really held hands or kissed or anything. It was great."

She also feels #blessed to have him in her life. "I feel incredibly lucky to have somebody who is like, 'I got your back.,'" she said. "I found the right person and I feel like we can handle anything together."

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