Don Draper is his same old self but the rest of the office? X-Men characters.

'Mad X-Men' basically speaks for itself! It's a wonderful idea someone thought up which entails a mashup of 'Mad Men' and 'X-Men'. It was even better than I thought it was going to be.

First, the guy who is playing Don Draper does a spot on impression of him. Especially the lingo and semantics being used and portrayed. Just wonderful. The ONLY thing I would've changed is when he's doing the presentation about the toasted sandwiches, he should've stood up and said "it's toasted". Referencing a similar scene from 'Mad Men'... I mean they were talking about toasted sandwhiches! But I guess their line was funnier, as it referenced another scene from the show.

Overall a well done job by everyone. I can't wait to see which shows they mashup next. What was your favorite scene?

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