In case you’ve been wondering what former child-star Macaulay Culkin’s been up to these days, allow us to fill you in. He has a Velvet Underground cover band, which isn’t too out there, right? Well, the best part is that the band (appropriately titled the Pizza Underground) is completely pizza-themed, in that they change the lyrics to Velvet Underground songs to be about pizza. Macaulay plays tambourine and kazoo.

It sounds like a total joke band (they only have one song, and it’s an eight-minute medley of Velvet Underground tracks switched out with lyrics about pizza, as we touched on earlier), and according to Vice, it is. But then they went ahead and recorded an actual, real-life video for it.

The video is a very loosely based on ‘I'm Waiting for the Man,’ by — you guessed it — the Velvet Underground. If you’re familiar with the original video, it’s clear that the director, Adrian Arredondo, focused mostly on capturing a similar style in the Pizza Underground's video, as it's not exactly a scene-by-scene recreation.

The best part? The pizza slices totally lining the walls, which, apparently, smelled terrible. Actually, the entire video is pure gold -- the band eats pizza, lies down in a circle surrounding a pie, and at one point they even wear pizza on their faces. It's totally bizarre, and it's something everyone needs to watch immediately.

You can check out the video above, and -- if you're so inclined -- you can even catch the Pizza Underground when they go on tour beginning Jan. 2015. The band have only played three shows so far, and they've all been roughly eight minutes long, but according to Macaulay, they've been pretty successful. He said: "At first we were met with blank hostility and groans. The crowd just didn’t know what to make of it. In an eight-minute set it took them about six minutes to get into it. By the seventh minute we had them in the palm of our hand."

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