You've got to look at this monster 25-inch rainbow trout caught in Salida. The face of man who caught this huge trout is just pure joy.

If I caught this fish, my face would look exactly like his. Dave Garcia, who's from Canon City, just caught his biggest fish yet. He caught a seven-pound, 25-inch rainbow trout this past Sunday at Sands Lake in Salida.

This trout is a straight up beauty. Everything from its mouth to its fins is just massive. Dave said that this is the biggest fish he's ever caught. Good job, Dave!

He called the fish a 'super freak' which I definitely agree with. I think the biggest rainbow trout I've ever caught is probably less than half as big as this one.

Dave said that he was using bread as his bait whenever his caught this monster rainbow trout. I often use bread for bait and it works for -- and it works for Dave too.

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