At Wednesday's protest, a Palisade student causes controversy for his sweatshirt.

A Palisade High School student was initially suspended for three days for wearing a Confederate flag sweatshirt during Wednesday's protest against gun control. Later the principal at the school said there was a misunderstanding and that the student is no longer suspended.

He was displaying a pro-NRA banner too showing his support for gun owners rights. The student had been asked earlier in the year to not wear the sweatshirt to school. He claimes that Wednesday was different because it was a time to expressing one's beliefs.

The Palisade High School student said, "I wore my Confederate flag because to me the Confederate flag is a sign of hope. It is a sign of when Americans weren't afraid of what they believe in and that is what I feel like I have done today. I feel like I have fought for my second amendment rights and to bear arms."

The bigger question is, "If it's ok to protest gun laws and doing so is protected under our freedom of expression rights, then isn't it ok for a student to display the Confederate flag as part of his protest? Also too, do people really know their history and what the Confederate battle flag was originally used for and what it represented?

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