Lily Allen does not censor herself on Twitter, a fact she's proud of, as evidenced by her Twitter profile description, "I can babble a little." So it's unsurprising that she had no qualms about posting her thoughts on abortion. Expressing those views yesterday on the social networking site brought a wave of backlash from angry fans who disagree with the 'Smile' singer.

According to the Daily Mail, Allen, who is pregnant with her second child, was inspired to comment on the touchy subject after British health secretary Jeremy Hunt declared that he wanted to restrict the time frame during which women could have legal abortions. She wrote:

Allen went on to address the subject further during a series of follow-up tweets in which she chastised deadbeat dads, writing, "The day the number of single father households equal the number of single mother households is the day I start to listen to their views." She went on to state that abortion is necessary because too many fathers abandon women and babies because they can't handle the responsibilities of being a dad.

Those who see the abortion issue differently had some choice words for the singer. Among the responses she received on Twitter: "Lily Allen needs to hush...and stop being so surprised when people disagree with her opinions that she puts all over twitter"; "Can you please stop trying to deny a voice to half the adult population on an important question of ethics?"; and "I'm confused. Was Lily Allen basically tweeting about her incompetent baby daddy and wishing she never had a baby in the first place?"

Allen didn't back down, writing that she won't change her mind on the issue, despite "all the Pro Lifers spamming me with s---."

Allen is no stranger to Twitter controversies. In July, she reported a British soldier to the authorities after she believed he was harassing her and making racist remarks. Some fans thought Allen misinterpreted the man's tweets and became angry with her for reporting a "hero" soldier. She later accepted his apology and promised to leave Twitter for a while to think things over, though that hiatus lasted only a few hours.

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