Late night is Lily Allen's time. The singer adopts multiple roles, personas and styles in her 'Our Time' video, and she takes us along for the ride -- literally -- since she is in a cab and on her way home.

Allen is a posh, black-haired lady with bangs, a high pony and winged eyeliner, and she is a buzzed blonde babe with milkmaid braids. But that's not all. She's also a rocker with shaggy bangs and a costume-wearing crier. You've got to watch the clip to check out how their situations, like the girl fight, play out -- somewhat hilariously. Maybe one of these gals is Lily Rose Cooper. Remember when Allen swapped out her name for a minute?

Allen has also revealed that she will release her third album 'Sheezus' on May 6. See the track listing and canine-filled cover below. Of course that title is influenced by Kanye West's 'Yeezus.'

Lily Allen 'Sheezus' Track Listing:

'Air Balloon'
'Our Time'
'Insincerely Yours'
'Take My Place'
'As Long As I Got You'
'URL Badman'
'Silver Spoon'
'Life For Me'
'Hard Out Heree

Lily Allen Sheezus

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