Maggie Grace shared the audio of a prank call that Liam Neeson made to her ex-boyfriend! Listen to the awesome call here.

Conan was interviewing Maggie Grace and since she's with Liam Neeson on all of the 'Taken' movies he decided to ask her about him. I'm so glad this call was released.

I must say, if I received a call or voice mail of this audio, I would be freaked out. Maybe until the "particular set of skills'. That's where you know that you have Liam Neeson on the line prank calling you. But before that... I'd be losing my mind.

Also, would it be weird of me to keep this audio? I'm thinking of calling my daughters boyfriends in the future (which better be 30 years from now) and playing this for them. Have you ever prank called anyone for someone else?

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