It seems like it's been snowing almost every day for the past two weeks. There are lots of things to love about the snow from skiing to its fluffy sparkliness. This is what Grand Junction loves about the snow.

While some people in Grand Junction love the snow, others are just waiting for it to melt. We've got to enjoy the snow while we can because soon enough, it'll all be gone.

Rhonda loves the snow so much, she just wants to roll around in it. (And also ski and sled in it.)

Hello snow, goodbye spiders.

The more snow that we get, the further away from a drought we'll be.

That's what she said. It really is, and it really is beautifully put, Mary.

Snow is nature's slushy. Just watch out for the yellow snow.

Just like I said, you better enjoy the snow while you can because before you know, it's going to be all gone.

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