Colorado is already home to some pretty amazing attractions, but now you can get ready to add another one to the list.

According to a press release from Bounce Empire, the largest inflatable amusement park in America has decided to call Colorado home.

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Construction Underway for New Colorado Amusement Park

Construction has begun for Bounce Empire's flagship facility in Lafayette, Colorado which is set to feature a huge array of inflatables with obstacle courses, slides, and interactive games.

"Inflatables have always been an attraction for kids under 7, but it's finally time to show how far the technology has come," stated Operations Manager Luke Hay-Arthur.

The new amusement park promises fun for both kids and adults and is expected to open in the spring of 2023.

In the meantime, let's talk about what we can look forward to in the future.

Bounce Empire Attractions

Most inflatable attractions are for kids only, but that's not the case at Bounce Empire. Adults will also have the chance to enjoy the bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses, OR they can enjoy some of the other fabulous attractions available such as:

  • the restaurant + sports bar
  • two incredible theater rooms
  • adult lounge with massage chairs
  • mini golf
  • Viking ax throwing, and more!

"If you want to come, drop off your kids, and enjoy a cocktail while watching the fun, you will do so in luxury," says CEO James Hay-Arthur.

Rather than having to choose between a fun time for you or your kids, the folks at Bounce Empire suggest doing both!

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