Azealia Banks is no stranger to celebrity feuds. She's had beef with Cardi B and some sort of bizarre encounter with Grimes and Elon Musk, and that's just in the last six months!

Lately, the controversial rapper's had her sights set on Lana Del Rey after the singer savagely tore into Kanye West for his most recent pro-Trump comments, taking to Instagram story to accuse the pop star of "bootleg witchcraft" and urging her to apologize to Kanye. On Tuesday (October 9), Azealia took things a hundred steps further.

"Let’s talk about arm workouts today!! Example : This is an example of an aging white woman who got work done on her face, and none done on her body (where she needed it most) Let’s walk her through some upper arm workout!" she wrote alongside a photo of Lana.

The subsequent tweets slam "the surgeon who did her pointy Michael Jackson nose" and body shame the 27-year-old. She then goes on a gross sexual rant before upping the ante even more.

"And remember ! Never get plastic surgery on your face, without consideration for how it fits with your body! A 27 year old face means nothing when you’ve got a 60 year old body! #MISSAMORBUBBLEGUMBEAUTYBAR can help!" the shameless emcee wrote, tagging Lana this time.

If your jaw hasn't dropped yet, maybe this next tweet will do it:

"Plus Lana’s p---y is old. She’s a 40 year old cokehead who wants to peddle p---y to 60 year old white men who all think her p---y + Lolita antics are boring and contrived as f--k LMFAOO. Go hit up your daddy Weinstein’s flabby."

Peep Azealia's string of tweets below.

Lana was having none of the verbal abuse, and let Azealia know what was on her mind. "I won't not f--k you the f--k up. Period," she tweeted before inviting the rapper to say her thoughts to Lana's face. Lastly, she lamented on what Azealia could've been.

"Banks. u coulda been the greatest female rapper alive but u blew it. dont take it out on the only person who had ur back," she wrote.

Then, things got even more icky: Lana took a shot at Azealia's mental health, and the rapper, in turn, took a shot at Lana's struggles with addiction.

"I’ll send you my surgeon’s number and a good psychiatrist I know in LA – your psych meds aren’t working," Lana wrote, prompting Azealia to respond with "The same one that got you hooked on oxy? No thanks sis.... you’re on your own with that."

Azealia even got Kanye involved, posting a screenshot of a text conversation she had with the rapper in the midst of the feud, in which he tells her she never blew it and that "there's so much more to do."

*Takes deep breath and rubs temples*

That was A LOT, and we have a feeling there will be even more Twitter punches thrown. Are you team Lana or team Azealia? Let us know in the comments.


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