Karen Smith,60, the middle school teacher from Lafayette, Colorado who recently assaulted a student for not standing during the pledge of allegiance has taken a plea deal and has retired from teaching.

The unidentified male student refused to stand during the pledge of allegiance and Smith took him out of his seat by the collar of his jacket and took him out of the classroom.

Smith pled guilty to one count of child abuse resulting in injury and received an 18-month deferred sentence, which means she cannot teach during this time, however she retired on August 20.

The third-degree assault charge was dropped as part of the plea deal.

Karen Smith had been a teacher in the district for over 20 years and had been on paid administrative leave during this time. She was a physical education instructor at Angevine Middle School when the event occurred.

The guilty plea will be withdrawn if she does not have another criminal case during that time.

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